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Rooney’s ‘exhausting’ Elm St shoot

Nightmare On Elm Street’s leading lady Rooney Mara insists shooting the remake of the 1984 horror classic was far from terrifying.

“Except for a few times where I was scared, it was not that scary but definitely exhausting, for sure,” she explained at the film’s Hollywood premiere.

The 25-year-old plays a new ‘Nancy’ in the movie, heading up a talented ensemble of young stars taking on the new Freddy Krueger (played by Watchmen actor Jackie Earle Haley).

“I was very nervous, but after sitting down with the director and talking about it, our version of Nancy was just so different that I had to forget about all the pressure and expectations and go with the Nancy that we created.” Continue reading Rooney’s ‘exhausting’ Elm St shoot

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‘The Social Network’ Is ‘Not Really About Facebook,’ Rooney Mara Says

Sometimes, projects are announced that leave everyone scratching their heads during the many months it takes to actually cast, film and assemble the thing. Why would Gus Van Sant want to remake “Psycho” scene-by-scene? Why would Pixar make a film about a 78-year-old man?

Ultimately, all film fans can do is put their trust in a filmmaker and hope they see something special where we might not. And currently, it’s hard to imagine a project more along these lines than the one from the director of “Fight Club” about … Facebook?

“I just finished David Fincher’s next film, ‘The Social Network,’ ” fast-rising young actress Rooney Mara (“Youth in Revolt”) said of the mysterious project. “That should be coming out in October, I think.” Continue reading ‘The Social Network’ Is ‘Not Really About Facebook,’ Rooney Mara Says

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Breakout: Three reasons Rooney Mara is going to make it big in 2010.

1) She plays the kind-of-sort-of girlfriend of loveable geek-of-the-moment Michael Cera in Youth in Revolt. Like their relationship, the film’s a bit off-on, but Mara is great as a French-loving elusive teen who doesn’t know what she wants.

2) She’s been cast as the lead in slasher remake A Nightmare on Elm Street. Which means that even if the film’s bollocks, she’ll have made all eyes turn in her direction. And if it’s a franchise starter, endless sequels could prove very profitable.

3) She’s co-starring with Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg in Aaron Sorkin’s The Social Network. Yeah, the Facebook movie. It could be good. It could be bad. Either way, she’s making friends.

Damaged Goods? Her debut role was in the diabolical Urban Legends 3: Bloody Mary. Let’s hope Elm Street fares better.

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2010 Most Anticipated Films: A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street has listed one of the ‘2010 Most Anticipated Films‘.

29. A Nightmare on Elm Street
Release Date: April 30

The Who: Directed by Samuel Bayer; Starring Jackie Earle Haley

The Pitch: Horror fans are on claws and needles here, seeing a music video director handle the fragile, delicate nostalgia of their upbringing, but seeing Freddy on screen is enough to make me climb up the wall. And drag myself across the ceiling. Fingers crossed that it’s more Dream Warriors than Freddy’s Dead.

Source: Film School Rejects

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The 10 Most Anticipated Summer Movies of 2010: A Nightmare On Elm Street

Let’s face it, every year there’s only a handful of movies that everyone who dares call himself a fanboy is dying to see. 2010 is no exception, with titles like “Iron Man 2?, “Prince of Persia”, and “Jonah Hex” on the slate, to name just three. Here is our extremely early preview of the 10 movies you should be keeping an eye on and we’ll be following very closely ahead of their Summer 2010 launch. Some are more fanboyish than others, but they’re all definitely intriguing.

7. A Nightmare On Elm Street (April 30)
Give them credit: Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes boys know how to remake a horror franchise. Or at least, cater to the new breed of horror movie fans. Their latest is “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, and they’ve recruited a fanboy favorite in Jackie Earle Haley to play the lead and music video veteran Samuel Bayer to present the film’s sure-to-be fantastic visuals. The rest of the cast is unimportant, as they’ll either end up dead in the movie or in subsequent sequels. The trick to remaking a franchise like “Nightmare” is to keep as much of the original as possible, like the killer’s iconic image, while still offering up something new in terms of various tweaks. The announcement of an official MPAA rating for the movie should put to bed the question of whether this will be a gruesome horror movie or a PG-13 friendly waste of time. At this point, it could go either way.

Source: Beyond Hollywood

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‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ Reboot Goes ‘A Bit Deeper,’ Jackie Earle Haley Says

Don’t believe that Freddy Krueger is one of the greatest icons of modern pop culture? Or that Wes Craven’s 1984 horror film “A Nightmare on Elm Street” will be remembered far longer than many of that decade’s Oscar winners? For proof, look no further than your own doorstep Saturday night — and all the scarred, razor-clawed, striped-sweater-wearing baddies you’ll see begging for your Butterfingers.

Now, “Watchmen” star Jackie Earle Haley is stepping into the dreams of “Nightmare” fans worldwide, answering their call to succeed Robert Englund as the new Freddy. And the questions surrounding his April 2010 unveiling are as obvious as Freddy’s hatred for teenagers: What will be different, and what will he keep the same?

“I think the glove is pretty familiar,” the Oscar-nominated Haley said, sitting down for a rare on-set interview with MTV News while wearing his variation on Englund’s classic red-and-green-striped sweater. “It’s really important for us, I think, as we’re reimagining this that there is a good, strong sense of new and fresh — yet there’s some recognizability, you know?”

The strategy makes sense. Regularly ranked as one of the top 10 villains in the history of cinema, Freddy has yielded eight movies, a TV show, video games, comic books and enough memorabilia to fill a small airport hangar. A quarter-century later, his fans are still grabbing their crucifixes and staying up late, afraid they’ll never sleep again.

“A lot of what was in that first movie is also in this movie, as far as the structure of it and how it plays out,” revealed Haley, who’ll terrorize Kellan Lutz (“Twilight”), Katie Cassidy (“Melrose Place”) and relative newcomer Rooney Mara as the new Nancy Thompson. “It’s a little bit deeper; we dove into Freddy’s background a little bit more.

“It’s a very similar background to what we know about him,” Haley explained of the backstory involving the bastard son of 100 maniacs, as depicted in the later “Nightmare” sequels produced by Craven. “But we dove into it a little bit more. I think it’s going to be a neat homage to Wes’ original film.”

But the elephant in the room, of course, is whether Haley will embrace Krueger’s “cheesy” side — as depicted by everything from smart-alecky lines like “Well, this ain’t Dr. Seuss!” to MTV guest-VJ gigs to hanging out with the Fat Boys, Dokken and Will Smith.

“You know, I think my Freddy is a bit more serious,” Haley said, promising a return to Freddy’s dark, shadowy roots. “He’s not much of a comedian.

“But I am working on my tap-dancing lessons,” he grinned. “Just in case they do a sequel.”

Source: MTV News

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Rooney Teen Vogue Magazine Outtakes

I’ve added new outtakes & behind the scenes video of Rooney taken for Teen Vogue magazine.

In the next year, Rooney (younger sister of actress Kate) will star in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street and the comedy Youth in Revolt, but for right now, she’s focused on her humanitarian efforts. After traveling to Africa with a volunteer group, Rooney established the nonprofit Faces of Kibera to benefit kids in a small village in Kenya. “We’ve already been able to do so much,” she says. While most ingénues struggle to balance fame with a career, she seems markedly poised. “It makes you a better actor if you have real-life experiences that you can draw from.”—S.J-D.


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SDCC: A Nightmare on Elm Street Panel!

Warner Bros. just debuted the trailer for the upcoming re-imagining of A Nightmare on Elm Street, including a full look at Jackie Earle Haley in the Freddy Krueger makeup.

The trailer starts with Freddy (still alive) being chased down a dark street by the mob that winds up killing him. He’s shouting that he’s innocent, but the mob corners him and burns him alive. As the flames come around him, he tears off his jacket, revealing the iconic sweater.

We hear the “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you” song being sung by children and flashes of kids all around a graveyard. One little girl has the claws slashed across her dress. Continue reading SDCC: A Nightmare on Elm Street Panel!

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‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Set Visit Preview

With the San Diego Comic Con kicking off tomorrow, Warner Bros. Pictures has given us the thumbs up to share with you guys a small preview piece from our visit to the set of A Nightmare on Elm Street, which shot on locations in both Chicago and Indiana over the past few months. Beyond the break you’ll get first word from your new Freddy Krueger, Jackie Earle Haley, as we inspect the new “look” of Freddy. Elm Street is slated for release on April 16, 2010. Watch for our massive set reports later this year.

The Midwest. It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s raining, it’s thundering, and goddamn are the mosquitoes out for blood – they aren’t the only ones. Sitting in a make-up truck outside of an old abandoned church in Gary, IN is Jackie Earle Haley, who within four hours time will be transformed into Freddy Krueger, the iconic child molester that has been tearing up the big screen with his patent razor-glove for 25 years now. Continue reading ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Set Visit Preview

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Rooney On Set in A Nightmare on Elm Street movie

I have uploaded new on the set photos of Rooney in A Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

It’s a wrap up for the Nightmare remake movie. As it was recently reported by The film is set to release on April 16, 2010. There will also be some sort preview at the San Diego Comic-Con this upcoming month. Hopefully Rooney will be there to promote.


– A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010): On The Set