'The Winning Season'

ComingSoon.net Exclusive: Going for The Winning Season

ComingSoon.net posted an exclusive interview with the ‘The Winning Season‘ writer James Strouse & casts.

VIA SOURCE – Every year, the Sundance Film Festival premieres dozens of great independent films, many that often have to struggle to find an audience in theaters. When James Strouse’s Grace is Gone, starring John Cusack, won the coveted Audience Award in 2007, it was thought Strouse would be a filmmaker to watch. For whatever reason, the movie failed to make a mark when The Weinstein Company released it later that year. Undaunted, Strouse returned to Sundance in January 2009 with his follow-up The Winning Season, a very different movie that involves sports and even a bit of humor.

It stars perennial Sundance man Sam Rockwell as Bill, a divorced alcoholic working as a busboy in a restaurant until his friend, played by Rob Corddry, asks him to coach his high school’s girls’ basketball team, because he thinks Bill could turn them around. Before you can say “Bad News Bears,” Bill is putting the team, made up of Emma Roberts’ Abbie, Shareeka (Half Nelson) Epps’ Lisa, as well as Rooney Mara, Emily Rios and Meaghan Witri, through rigorous paces to try to make them the best team in the league. Along the way, he helps the girls with their problems and they do the same for him. (Read More Interview Via Source)

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