First Rooney Mara Forum Is Online!

After several long months, Angelic has finally be able to work on Rooney Mara Daily Forum as it really needs some improvements to keep the forum going. . This new version features more browser friendly which allows users to navigate more efficiently than before. Hopefully all the Rooney Mara fans will gather and make this forum alive. As for those who is not a member of the forum yet, do join now!

3 Comments on “First Rooney Mara Forum Is Online!”

  1. The registration page doesn’t show up correctly. Just shows the the top and bottom toolbars with no content in the middle.

  2. That’s really great that the first Rooney Mara forum exists now! Congratulations and thank you for it!

    Unfortunately, I was trying to create an account/ to register, and failed to do it. Because when I open that link on the forum (to create account), I see nothing, just the same board and nothing else. no form, no fields to fill in, no registration form, nothing, just empty space. Maybe there is something wrong… I’ll be very glad if you help me with it.
    Thank you.

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