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It’s Not Too Late For Rooney Mara, Unsung Star of “Social Network”

With all due respect to the actresses in the running for this year’s best supporting actress Oscar, the 2010 field is far from the deepest field in the history of the category. Nobody is — or, frankly, should be — a sure thing at this point, which inherently means that everybody still has a shot. For this reason, I’d like to discuss a name that’s been on my mind a lot lately: Rooney Mara, the 25-year-old actress who gives a brilliant performance as Erica Albright — a B.U. student whose decision to dump her Harvard boyfriend Mark Zuckerberg indirectly leads him to create Facebook — in the critical and commercial hit/best picture Oscar frontrunner “The Social Network.”

I am totally convinced that Mara would be generating serious awards buzz right about now if she, like all of the other people competing for a nomination, could have been in the United States at the time of her film’s release to promote it and, in so doing, herself. She could not be, though, because she was needed on the Sweden-set of the film that will probably make her a household name less than a year from now, the American version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” (Incidentally, the director David Fincher cast her in that film’s title role — which was more highly-coveted than any other for young actresses in years — because she had so greatly impressed him during the making of “The Social Network.”)Some will undoubtedly disparage the very notion that Mara is worthy of a nomination for her work in “The Social Network” because she appears in so few scenes and has such little screen time. I would remind them to consider two things: (1) the quality of her work in those scenes, and (2) the numerous precedents of brief appearances being recognized in this category. To that end…

Source: Scott Feinberg

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