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“Lisbeth Salander” seriously injured

Rooney Mara was taken to hospital after accident – now postponed “Millennium” recording up

Rooney Mara seriously injured when she was preparing for the role of Lisbeth Salander.

Now Hollywood filming of “Men Who Hate Women in danger.

On Monday came the shooting of the lavish movie started. Scenes with extras filmed in Ingarö in the Stockholm archipelago.

Now Amusement sheet reveal that Rooney Mara, 25, who will play Lisbeth Salander, have been injured so severely in the shoulder that several major recording days to be moved.

The actress is in Stockholm for several weeks now to prepare for the role as the eccentric datahackern.

She exercises on a motorcycle and train hard to build muscle and learn to fight.

In addition, she is in a language coach to learn how to break in Swedish for the role.

Managerial catch up

The day before yesterday visited Rooney Mara Private Hospital Sophiahemmet in Östermalm in Stockholm. In a gymsal inside the hospital, she was training to rehab as quickly as possible to get in shape for the role again, all of the recordings will be affected as little as possible.

– It’s in preparation for the role as she has been injured so seriously that she can record some scenes now, “says one person who saw the actress on Sophiahemmet.

Malte Forssell, who is a Swedish project for film shooting, claiming that he is not familiar with Rooney Mara injury.

– Not that I know, “he told Entertainment blade.

In the 60th century environment

During next week the American team is planning to film in Uppsala. Parts of Queen Street is being converted to 60-century environment for use in the flashbacks that are important to the film’s plot. But the scenes will not be affected by Rooney Maras injured shoulder because her character only appears in the contemporary scenes to be filmed.

All over Sweden

A total of 31 shooting days scheduled for the center of Stockholm and the archipelago in the fall and next spring.This autumn, recordings also take place outside Katrineholm and Segersta Bollnäs. Although Söderhamn Gävle and has been mentioned as possible recording sites.

Source: Aaftonbladet

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