'Nightmare On Elm Street' Photo Gallery

New Nightmare On Elm Street Poster

Warner Brothers has released a brand new banner for A Nightmare On Elm Street, the remake of the classic horror film where a man named Freddy Krueger would bug chicks while they were sleeping and kill the dudes that were sleeping with said chicks. He was a very jealous individual.

The new banner has a picture of Freddy standing behind some girl who is minding her own business. Freddy, being the perverted /high school/colege student stalker that he is, is about to sneak up on this unsuspecting woman and give her the wedgie of her life. He should be calling 911 because water has obviously damaged the hardwood floors and she fell through and looks stuck. I hope he does the right thing and helps her out.

'Nightmare On Elm Street' Photo Gallery

1 New Still of Rooney Mara in ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’

More new stills from Platinum Dunes’ A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot have surfaced — all the way from Germany no less, and of course we have them here for you to check out.

Nope, no better looks at Freddy are included, but what they do show is rather interesting. The German site MovieGod.de got the goods, and our thanks go out to Joey M. for the heads-up.

If you want to see more, don’t forget to set your alarm clocks for Thursday morning at 12:01 PST, when the new trailer debuts on MySpace.

Jackie Earle Haley, Rooney Mara, Kyle Gallner, Thomas Dekker, and Katie Cassidy star in this reboot of the Nightmare franchise.

Source: DreadCentral.com

'Nightmare On Elm Street' Photo Gallery

New Freddy Pose! New ELM STREET Poster!

Yes, you see that right. Freddy just put his glove down so that it is no longer covering his face. The latest poster for the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake, courtesy of MySpace, doesn’t look a whole lot different from the last poster. We see a little bit more of the makeup covering Jackie Earle Haley’s face in this one, but, all in all, not so much a new poster as it is a variant on the original.
When you think about it, that very same phrase might serve as a precursor to what the remake has in store for us. It doesn’t look like it is going to be all that different from the original film, save for the depictions in store for us leading up to Freddy’s initial death. Other than that, it looks like more of the same, slight variations on something we’ve seen done before. Haley looks like he’s going to give an outstanding performance as Krueger, but that’s to be expected.

Nonetheless, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET hits theaters on April 30th. Expect a new trailer to hit later in the week.

Source: We Are Movie Geeks

'Nightmare On Elm Street' Interviews

On Set Interview: Rooney Mara is Dying to Stay Alive in A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET

Freddy Krueger (Jackie Earle Haley) returns in “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” a contemporary re-imagining of the horror classic.

A group of suburban teenagers share one common bond: they are all being stalked by Freddy Krueger, a horribly disfigured killer who hunts them in their dreams. As long as they stay awake, they can protect one another…but when they sleep, there is no escape.

IESB was on set with a group of online journalists. Read the entire on set interview with A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET cast member Rooney Mara who plays “Nancy Thompson”,

Q: Were you a fan of the original film?

Rooney Mara: I was. I saw it when I was 12 years old, I think. I was at a slumber party, and the older sister of the girl I was friends with was watching it with her friends and I saw it, and I really wish I hadn’t seen it when I was 12 because it really scarred me for life. I remember Tina’s death just freaked me out. I had that image in my head for years, her flying across the room.

Q: Is it weird being in the remake now after all that?

RM: Yeah, it is. It definitely is. I’m glad I don’t have to do that, though [laughs].

Q: You get to survive.

RM: Yes. Continue reading On Set Interview: Rooney Mara is Dying to Stay Alive in A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET

Mag Alert! Photo Gallery Photoshoots

Rooney Mara features in Paper Magazine

After filming Tanner Hall, the debut film by writing/directing team Tatiana von Furstenberg and Francesca Gregorini, actress Patricia “Tricia” Mara took on a new identity, dropping her first name to become Rooney Mara. “I never really liked my first name,” Mara says. (Rooney is her middle name.) “I never felt like a Tricia. And Rooney is more memorable.”

As Patricia growing up in the tony Westchester town of Bedford, Mara says she was a “loner” who shied away from team sports, even though in her family, football was everything. (Her great-grandfather Tim Mara founded the New York Giants.) “I was dragged to football games every week,” she says. “I just started liking it a few years ago, but I really hated it growing up.”

For a different, less all-American experience, after highschool Mara lived in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. From there, she headed to Kenya where she started a non-profit children”s relief charity called Faces of Kibera. “I needed to get out of the bubble of Westchester. I wanted to finish high school and experience other parts of the world before I tried acting.” Mara moved to Los Angeles two years ago, staying at first with her sister Kate Mara (also an actress). And since then, she”s been working non-stop. After she sexes up Tanner Hall as the precocious teen Fernanda, she”ll star in Youth in Revolt (with Michael Cera) and The Social Network, David Fincher”s buzzy Justin Timberlake-starring feature about the creators of Facebook. “In the movie I break up with Mark [Zuckerberg], which is the inspiration for him to start Facebook,” she explains. Good luck finding Mara on the social networking site. “I do have a Facebook account, but I very rarely use it,” she says. “I have my profile on private — so no one can find me.”

Source: Paper.com