'The Social Network'

Rooney Mara Join David Fincher’s ‘Social Network’

The “Donnie Darko”/”Southland Tales,” director tweeted yesterday, “Just read that one actor (Armie Hammer) will play the Winklevoss twins in [David Fincher’s] ‘THE SOCIAL NETWORK.’ Cool!” So we went digging and discovered ala Aaron Sorkin’s Facebook page that several young actors have joined the cast including the aforementioned Hammer (from “Gossip Girl”), Max Minghella (“Agora” and “Artschool Confidential”), Rooney Mara (young sister of Kate Mara), Dakota Johnson (daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith), Disney Channel actress Brenda Song, and model Josh Pence.

Sorkin writes (quoted by a user, that would never bother making up names so obscure) that “20 others” are set to join though it’s doubtful they’ll be bigger names than the film’s three leads Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake (who has the smallest role of the three leads) or the ones already mentioned.

Shooting began yesterday, Oct. 19th in Cambridge, MA. Justin Timberlake hasn’t been spotted in Cambridge yet, but that’s because his scenes all take place in Los Angeles (he plays Napster co-founder Sean Parker) and a Boston location manager recently confirmed that Timberlake indeed won’t be appearing in MA at all. The pop star is apparently growing out his hair as well so he can pull off Parker’s curls.

Rumored to be around $40 million in budget, it’s nice to see some limitations that forces directors to have to reach out to interesting actors that won’t inflate the budget skyward. Though to be fair, Fincher would have probably chosen these guys anyhow, but as evinced by what happened to Joe Wright’s “Indian Summer,” yesterday (put on the backburner due to cost), you’re going to see a lot of dramas these days hit a budget ceiling of around $30-40 million until the economy picks up. That means that ambitious and expensive dramas like ‘Benjamin Button’ should be happy they were made before the recession.

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'Tanner Hall' 'Youth In Revolt' Photo Gallery Public Events

Rooney Mara TIFF ‘Tanner Hall’ & ‘Youth In Revolt’ Premiere Photos

I’ve added new event & portraits photos of Rooney attended the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival for ‘Tanner Hall’ & ‘Youth In Revolt’ Premiere on September 14-15, 2009.


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Rooney Teen Vogue Magazine Outtakes

I’ve added new outtakes & behind the scenes video of Rooney taken for Teen Vogue magazine.

In the next year, Rooney (younger sister of actress Kate) will star in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street and the comedy Youth in Revolt, but for right now, she’s focused on her humanitarian efforts. After traveling to Africa with a volunteer group, Rooney established the nonprofit Faces of Kibera to benefit kids in a small village in Kenya. “We’ve already been able to do so much,” she says. While most ingénues struggle to balance fame with a career, she seems markedly poised. “It makes you a better actor if you have real-life experiences that you can draw from.”—S.J-D.


'Nightmare On Elm Street' Recent News

SDCC: A Nightmare on Elm Street Panel!

Warner Bros. just debuted the trailer for the upcoming re-imagining of A Nightmare on Elm Street, including a full look at Jackie Earle Haley in the Freddy Krueger makeup.

The trailer starts with Freddy (still alive) being chased down a dark street by the mob that winds up killing him. He’s shouting that he’s innocent, but the mob corners him and burns him alive. As the flames come around him, he tears off his jacket, revealing the iconic sweater.

We hear the “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you” song being sung by children and flashes of kids all around a graveyard. One little girl has the claws slashed across her dress. Continue reading SDCC: A Nightmare on Elm Street Panel!