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Rooney Mara Ready For LGBT Movies!

Rooney Mara, who stars in the new movie “Carol,” about a lesbian relationship, says “it’s time” for movies dealing with the LGBT experience.

“There’s a lot of people who go through that experience and there aren’t a lot of films in the past [that] have dealt with it,” she told us at the NYFF screening at Alice Tully Hall Friday.

The movies “Freeheld” and “The Danish Girl,” about transgender artist Lili Elbe, come out later this year.

Sandra Bernhard, who was in the audience, tells us of movies on these topics, “When people become more comfortable with things shifting, whether its race or sex or religion or gender, they make movies about it, TV shows, music,” she said. “That’s a good thing. Any time you make a . . . great piece of art, it opens people up.”

Source: Page Six

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Video: Rooney Mara Interview with Collider

  • Talks about how she has such a full slate of films heading to theaters in the near future.
  • Jokes about how her life is about to change with the increased media attention.
  • Why is Peter Pan a story that resonates with so many people?
  • What is it like to have won the “actors lottery” and work with so many great directors on exiting projects?
  • What is it like working with directors like David Fincher, Joe Wright and Terrence Mallick? Do they have a quality that they all share?
  • How has her process as an actor changed with all this experience?
  • Talks about how far along she was with David Fincher’s axed HBO series Utopia.
  • Says Utopia was going to be amazing.
  • Talks about her new Laika voiceover project Kubo and the Two Strings.
  • What is it like to film with someone like Terrence Malick who works in such unorthodox ways?
  • What’s coming up next?

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