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Rooney Mara Accepts MTV’s Best Movie Award For ‘Dragon Tattoo’

After a long debate, the MTV Movies team chose David Fincher’s “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” as the Best Movie of 2011.

To celebrate the occasion, MTV News’ Josh Horowitz presented its star, Rooney Mara, with a trophy and congratulated her for the accomplishment. Mara graciously accepted the award and shared her excitement.

“That’s so amazing. That’s so cool. Thank you, MTV,” she said.

Given the chance to thank MTV for the honor, Mara expressed her real wish for the film: that people see it and love it. “So many people worked so hard on this film. It was just a year of really hard work. I feel like we put so much work into it,” she said. “That’s all we really want, for people to love the film and to go out and see it and fall in love with these characters the way we did. Of course, it’s nice to hear that people like the film.”

The honor may have come as a surprise to Mara, since her director, David Fincher, dismissed any awards chances for the film a few weeks ago, but as the film’s release draws closer, it is creeping further and further into the awards conversation. Mara just earned a Golden Globe nomination for her portrayal of Lisbeth Salander.

Mara said she believes the film should get more awards attention simply because of Fincher’s work. “I think anything David does deserves to be in any conversation. I think there’s nothing he can’t do,” she said. “He elevates everything that he does. … He really made it about these two characters. I think he did an incredible job.”

Source: MTV

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