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Rooney Mara ‘Embarrassed’ By All the ‘Dragon’ Praise

With a Golden Globe nomination under her belt before The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has even been released, Rooney Mara’s holiday season and 2012 is already shaping up to be one she’ll never forget. Her turn as Lisbeth Salander in the upcoming David Finger-directed movie based on the massively popular Stieg Larssen books is one of those once-in-a-career moments for young Rooney, and while she’s thrilled she got the opportunity, all of the praise and attention she’s getting is a bit, well, “embarrassing” for her.

During an interview on Today, Mara was her normal demure and reserved self, answering quietly whenever Ann Curry threw a question her way. She says that “like the rest of the world I fell in love with this character,” after reading the books, adding that “an opportunity doesn’t come along like this for an actress.”

Curry went on to say how everyone — including her co-stars like acting legend Christopher Plummer — had given Rooney’s performance glowing reviews, which Mara said is a bit odd for her.

“I feel quite embarrassed to have Christopher Plummer say those things about me,” hinting that she doesn’t feel worthy of the praise from such a highly-respected actor.

Mara goes on to say that Lisbeth’s character “never felt that foreign to me. She felt very familiar. She does have a lot of anger … that she’s trying to keep at bay, so when it does come out it’s much more shocking …  The way she presents herself to the world, we never wanted it to be a statement — it’s a way to repel people.”

Tattoo hits theaters on December 21.

Source: Celebuzz

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