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Rooney Mara’s Oscars Dress Will Be ‘Comfortable’

‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ actress, who has been nominated for best actress, won’t pick what’s fashionable necessarily, only if she feels right in it. Rooney, who had a dramatic transformation for her role as Lisbeth Salander complete with nipple rings, says she is a fan of fashion but other people’s opinions don’t affect her style.

“I don’t think about it [choosing a dress] in terms of what people say or like or think. I try to find something that I feel comfortable in. I do like fashion, but if it’s not comfortable, I won’t wear it,” Rooney told USA Today.

According to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, it’s important that when picking the right Oscars gown the star has “to be happy” and she agrees with Rooney.

“Your client has to be happy and feel beautiful. There are so many people scrutinizing the red carpet that it’s about having fun and playing with something original, something couture, something interesting, but also giving people what they want: a glamorous Hollywood moment,” she said.

Rachel was behind Anne Hathaway’s eight Oscars looks, so she knows a thing or two about dressing up stars for THE event of the year.

Source: Entertainment Wise

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