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SAG Injustice: Brenda Song, Rooney Mara, and Rashida Jones snubbed in favor of body double

In the afterglow of the SAG nominations, when publicists, stars and pundits are all aglow with congratulatory messaging of every sort and critics are bemoaning the fate of talented but snubbed performances, one annual dismaying group of snubs always slips through the cracks. I’m talking about the people who contributed to the movies nominated as Best Ensemble but weren’t actually included when the nomination was awarded.

The Social Network ~ The Facebook movie has the most bizarre and confusing case of the internal snubbings. Obviously the triumvirate of Eisenberg, Garfield and Timberlake are accounted for as are the Winklevi (both played by Armie Hammer) and their business partner (Max Minghella). But what’s most curious is that the body actor Josh Pence who helped to play the Winklevi but whose face does not appear in the film was nominated but the following six actors were not.

Noticeably absent: Rooney Mara’s soulful portrayal of Erica kicks off the entire successful dynamic of the film’s rapid-fire dialogue which in turn reveals, comments on and delights in every badly managed personal relationship within the film. The film is smart enough to return to Mara on three key occasions but she was not nominated. All of the lawyers, officials and interns are also absent. You can’t include everyone of course but a few people’s contributions are very noticeable including Douglas Urbanski’s audience-beloved cameo as Larry Summers, John Getz and Rashida Jones as Zuckerberg’s council, Denise Grayson as Eduardo’s lawyer and Brenda Song as Eduardo’s terrifying girlfriend?

Source: Film Experience

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