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Hollywood’s Jesus and Mary hooking up

Talk about the “passion” of the Christ.

In the upcoming movie “Mary Magdalene” Rooney Mara plays the title character, with Joaquin Phoenix as Jesus Christ.

And sources exclusively tell Page Six that Phoenix and Mara fell for each other on the set while shooting the biblical epic and have been spending a lot of time together ever since.

Mara’s most recent film, “Lion,” was up for four Golden Globes on Sunday.

But Mara and famously reclusive Phoenix were instead “holed up together in the desert,” a Hollywood source said, rather than in LA for the awards with Mara’s nominated co-stars Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman. Continue reading Hollywood’s Jesus and Mary hooking up

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Steve Carell Interviews Rooney Mara on ‘Carol’


After earning Oscar nominations for their breakthrough film roles — Rooney Mara as the hardened sleuth Lisbeth Salander in “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and Steve Carell channeling John du Pont in “Foxcatcher” — the two actors are back with very different performances. Mara is shy and subtle as a young woman in the 1950s who falls for Cate Blanchett’s lead character in “Carol.” And Carell is all manic energy and heart in “The Big Short,” which details the individuals who cashed in on the recent housing collapse.

Rooney Mara: Tell me a little bit about what drew you to wanting to play your character?

Steve Carell: The script was really good, and the subject matter is based on the financial collapse in 2008. Everybody knows a little bit about it, but I hadn’t read the book, “The Big Short,” so I was intrigued by the subject matter. I thought it was very relevant right now, and scary as hell, because there is a lot of information that I didn’t know before I started digging in. And obviously getting to work with someone like Adam McKay again — I’ve known Adam since the ’80s; we worked at Second City together — so I think that was a big draw.

Mara: Do you feel like after being in the film and reading the book that you have a full understanding of what happened and how it happened?

Carell: Not at all. I don’t know anything. Part of what I think was daunting was just learning the language, because I don’t know this world. My dad was an engineer, he wasn’t in Wall Street. So it was very foreign to me.

Mara: That’s like playing a doctor and having to use doctor terms.

Carell: Exactly. Not only that, but Adam is a director who encourages improvisation. So you not only (have to) know the lines and understand the concept of what you’re saying, but you have to know a bit more, so when he asks you to improvise, you can do it — or at least can fake it to a certain extent. So what drew you (to your role)?

Mara: It really wasn’t the role that drew me to it. I loved the role, and it was a very different character than I had ever played. But to be honest, it was that I wanted to work with Cate Blanchett, and when I knew Todd Haynes was directing it — those two things were enough for me; I wouldn’t even have had to read the script. Then on top of that, it is a beautiful script and such a beautiful love story. And it was really different than anything I had ever done before. I wanted to show a sort of softer side of myself.

Carell: I found the script was very efficient, and there wasn’t anything extraneous about it. I personally love films like that; they leave something for you to extrapolate from. It doesn’t lay everything out easily.

Mara: One of the things that really works so well is sort of the space between the words and all the silences and nuance and subtlety. Because it allows for the audience to sort of use their brains a bit more, but also project what they want onto it. While it was a love story between two women, it’s not really a movie with an agenda.

Carell: It was a love story and a very kind story — very human.

Mara: Kind of the opposite of your movie.

Carell: Yeah, you kind of have to dig to find the humanity in “The Big Short.” Something I found in watching your performance specifically was that by the end of it, you can hang on people’s words in movies. I was hanging on your face. Trying to figure out what was going on inside of you.

Mara: A lot of people in my personal life feel that way.

Carell: It was fascinating. You know when they say, “If you want someone’s attention, whisper.” To try to break through the cacophony of all this information and everything happening, sometimes just take it really, really subtle. I felt like your performance was that way, because it was so nuanced that I was hanging on every moment. How did you do that? Do you get sick of people asking you stuff like that?

Mara: Which question?

Carell: Like when people say, “How do you prepare?”

Mara: Oh, I hate that.

Carell: Because what can you say?

Mara: Also, why do people want to know that? Don’t you want to go into a movie and not know how they did it? To me, my favorite acting to watch is when I have no idea how they did it or what they were doing. Of course, there is the temptation in wanting to know how they did that, but it’s kind of better to not know.

Carell: I completely agree.

Source: Variety

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Alicia Vikander Early Favorite to Replace Rooney Mara in ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ Sequel (Exclusive)

Sony’s rebooting the Lisbeth Salander franchise as Steven Knight prepares to adapt “The Girl in the Spider’s Web”

Rooney Mara will not reprise her role as hacker heroine Lisbeth Salander in Sony’s forthcoming adaptation of “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” and Sony Pictures is interested in havingAlicia Vikander replace her in a proposed reboot of the franchise, an individual familiar with the studio’s thinking has told TheWrap.

Director David Fincher and star Daniel Craig are also unlikely to return for the sequel, which will be based on the fourth novel in the late Stieg Larsson‘s Millennium series that was written after his death by David Lagercrantz.

Sony had initially been planning to adapt “The Girl Who Played With Fire,” shelling out mid-seven figures for a script by Steve Zaillian. “Fire” is now expected to follow “Spider’s Web,” which Oscar-nominated writer Steven Knight (“Locke”) is in negotiations to adapt for the studio.

Scott Rudin and former Sony chief Amy Pascal will produce “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” with Elizabeth Cantillon and Swedish production company Yellow Bird, which produced the original movie starring Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth.

The “Dragon Tattoo” sequel is expected to come in at a much lower price than Fincher’s film — a holiday release that had difficulty recouping its $90 million budget, not including P&A costs.

Sony isn’t expected to start the high-profile casting process until after Knight delivers a script, but Rudin and Pascal are said to be fans of Vikander, who has the right look to play Lisbeth — which could make for a smoother transition.

Vikander is one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars and an edgy character like Lisbeth Salander would counterbalance her acclaimed work in period dramas such as “The Danish Girl,” “Anna Karenina,” “A Royal Affair” and “Testament of Youth” The Swedish starlet can currently be seen opposite Bradley Cooper in “Burnt,” and has “Tulip Fever” and the next Jason Bourne movie on the horizon.

Lagerkrantz is represented by Madgalena Hedlund at The Hedlund Agency, while Yellow Bird is repped by UTA.

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Rooney Mara Ready For LGBT Movies!

Rooney Mara, who stars in the new movie “Carol,” about a lesbian relationship, says “it’s time” for movies dealing with the LGBT experience.

“There’s a lot of people who go through that experience and there aren’t a lot of films in the past [that] have dealt with it,” she told us at the NYFF screening at Alice Tully Hall Friday.

The movies “Freeheld” and “The Danish Girl,” about transgender artist Lili Elbe, come out later this year.

Sandra Bernhard, who was in the audience, tells us of movies on these topics, “When people become more comfortable with things shifting, whether its race or sex or religion or gender, they make movies about it, TV shows, music,” she said. “That’s a good thing. Any time you make a . . . great piece of art, it opens people up.”

Source: Page Six

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Video: Rooney Mara Interview with Collider

  • Talks about how she has such a full slate of films heading to theaters in the near future.
  • Jokes about how her life is about to change with the increased media attention.
  • Why is Peter Pan a story that resonates with so many people?
  • What is it like to have won the “actors lottery” and work with so many great directors on exiting projects?
  • What is it like working with directors like David Fincher, Joe Wright and Terrence Mallick? Do they have a quality that they all share?
  • How has her process as an actor changed with all this experience?
  • Talks about how far along she was with David Fincher’s axed HBO series Utopia.
  • Says Utopia was going to be amazing.
  • Talks about her new Laika voiceover project Kubo and the Two Strings.
  • What is it like to film with someone like Terrence Malick who works in such unorthodox ways?
  • What’s coming up next?

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Rooney Mara in Negotiations to Star in David Fincher’s HBO Series ‘Utopia’ (Exclusive)

The Oscar-nominated actress will re-team with the director following “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”

After successful collaborations with David Fincher on “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and “The Social Network,” Oscar-nominated actress Rooney Mara is in advanced negotiations to star in the director’s upcoming HBO series “Utopia,” an individual familiar with the project has told TheWrap.

Fincher will direct every episode of the first season of the one-hour drama, which has been written by “Gone Girl” author Gillian Flynn. “Utopia” is based on the hit British series that Dennis Kelly created and Kudos produced for Channel 4. Endemol Shine North America’s scripted division, Endemol Shine Studios, will produce the series with HBO.

Mara is nearing a deal to play Jessica Hyde on “Utopia,” which follows a group of die-hard fans of an iconic, underground novel who find themselves in their own pop-culture thriller when they learn that the author has secretly written a sequel. Those who seek it out are thrust into a twisted game in which nothing is as it seems, including the true meaning of the book. Continue reading Rooney Mara in Negotiations to Star in David Fincher’s HBO Series ‘Utopia’ (Exclusive)

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Hugh Jackman & Rooney Mara To Star In ‘Collateral Beauty’, Next Pic From ‘Me And Earl’ Director

PalmStar Media and Likely Story have acquired rights to Collateral Beauty, a script written by Allan Loeb. With it they have a beauty of a cast and director, too: Hugh Jackman and Rooney Mara will star and Me And Earl And The Dying Girl helmer Alfonso Gomez-Rejon will make this his follow-up directing effort to the Sundance favorite. Principal photography is set to begin in the fall with PalmStar financing in conjunction with its partner Merced Capital.

The plot centers on a New York advertising executive who experiences a deep personal tragedy. When his colleagues devise an unconventional plan to break him out of his depression, the plan works, but not in a way that anyone imagined.

Anonymous Content’s Michael Sugar and Bard Dorros are producing with Loeb. PalmStar CEO Kevin Frakes will executive produce with Likely Story’s Anthony Bregman and Steven Pearl. The two companies have already collaborated on pics including American Ultra, Sing Street and The Whole Truth among others.

Source: Deadline