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Rooney Mara New Oscar “Out Of Character” Portraits Exhibit Photoshoots

I’ve added 2 new high quality photoshoot of Rooney Mara for “The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences” present “Out of Character,” a new exhibition featuring portraits of this year’s acting nominees by photographer Douglas Kirkland. The exclusive new photos of 2011′s Oscar-nominated performers will be on display starting Saturday, February 11 , in the Academy’s Grand Lobby Gallery in Beverly Hills.


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  1. I just watched “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”.
    INCREDIBLE!!!! I WAS BLOWN AWAY!! First of all I’m a 275 lb Black guy who loves football. I love action movies. But I have never been so emotionally involved with a character like I was with you in this movie. You sure Mara and Lisabeth are the same person? I LOVE THIS GIRL!!! WOW!! I hate the ending though. Daniel Craigs character should have run away with her. instead of the owner of the magazine he worked for. ASSHOLE!!! I love Mara’s character and liked Daniels up until the end. But as much as I hate the end I LOVE HER!!! Don’t tell anybody though. GREAT performance!!

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