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Rooney Mara On Oscar Nomination Reactions

Rooney Mara speaks to LA Times on her reaction to Oscar noms:

Nominated for actress: “I knew there was a very small chance,” Mara said from her home in Los Angeles after receiving the news from her mother. “I was very surprised, and I feel very honored and humbled to be a part of a list of women that I’ve looked up to for a while.”

… and to The Hollywood Reporter noms:

“I was sleeping and my phone started going crazy,” recalled Rooney Mara. The movie had been skirting around the edges of the awards season and was one of those questions marks on pundits’ radar.

“I knew there was a small chance but I wasn’t expecting it. I don’t know about the politics of (awards) but it came late in the game and it seems to me that a lot of the movies that got the awards came out early.

I feel really honored and humbled to be on the list.” One of the first people she talked to was Tattoo director David Fincher. While Mara kept most of the details of the conversation to herself, she revealed that she told him, “I could not have done it without him and he should feel responsible for the nomination and take pride in it.”

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