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Rooney’s ‘exhausting’ Elm St shoot

Nightmare On Elm Street’s leading lady Rooney Mara insists shooting the remake of the 1984 horror classic was far from terrifying.

“Except for a few times where I was scared, it was not that scary but definitely exhausting, for sure,” she explained at the film’s Hollywood premiere.

The 25-year-old plays a new ‘Nancy’ in the movie, heading up a talented ensemble of young stars taking on the new Freddy Krueger (played by Watchmen actor Jackie Earle Haley).

“I was very nervous, but after sitting down with the director and talking about it, our version of Nancy was just so different that I had to forget about all the pressure and expectations and go with the Nancy that we created.”If the reboot of the franchise proves a box office hit, Rooney confirmed Nancy will return in the next movie.

“Yes, I have one more if this one’s a success,” she said.

However, the actress admitted she wouldn’t usually pay to watch a scare-fest like Nightmare On Elm Street.

“I saw the original when I was 12. There was like three years when I was quite young that I loved horror films, but I don’t see them ever now, I don’t like being scared or watching them,” she laughed.

Source: Associated Press

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